Flaming Shot

The flaming shot. It’s an amateur move for sure, but it looks cool. The problem is that a lot of people don’t know how to take this shot. They can make it, and light it on fire and that’s where their “smartness” ends.

Example 1

This dude is not smart. And the chick that says “Oh my gawd” is even worse.

Example 2

Not only does this guy burn himself and his friend’s pants, he sucks at taking a shot. He tries to pour it in his mouth. What an idiot.

If you do happen to have a flaming shot sitting in front of you and the thought crosses your mind to drink it.




23 Responses to “Flaming Shot”

  1. that reminds me…im getting you and jeff a flaming shot if i make it up there for an interview…

    its really my pleasure…

  2. Haha.

    Just get me a regular shot. Flaming shots aren’t that good.

  3. That would defeat the whole purpose…

    plus i don’t need to get your drunk to have my way with you.

  4. Hmmm…Well I’m not an idiot so I would blow that shit out.

    Ha…Don’t kid yourself.

  5. its ok…i understand you like to keep it a secret. but i still have all the loving texts you send me every night.

  6. Just because you send yourself loving text messages from a private number doesn’t mean you can pretend they are from me.

  7. yeah thats right. i cant get anyone…so i sit here and come up with all these lies about you too make it from day to day…

  8. That sounds about right.

  9. steve you know i only talk to you because i want your friends…

  10. Why do you think I talk to you?

  11. And are you talking about Robby?

  12. my friends have taste and of course i am talking about robby…no man can give me anal like him!

    ps – i now am officially the best!

  13. Amanda – I’m delicious, and your friends know it.

    Jimmy – Very insightful, as usual…Haha.

  14. Haha.. that’s good!! Another thing to look up on youtube.

  15. Youtube is great. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  16. Definitely! I even (finally) registered because I was so sick of getting that 18 and over restriction on some of the vids.. only to find out that the stuff they were restricting wasn’t all freaky porn or anything special 😦

    But, yeah, I can spend ages going from video to video on there.

  17. It would be awesome if they had some sick freaky porn. I’d ALWAYS be on youtube.

  18. three words in response to the second video:

    stop. drop. roll.

  19. Hahaha. That was my first thought as well.

  20. Bartender_Chris Says:

    Wow, all i have to say, is it’s badass to take a flaming shot, but it’s really badass to light your buddy’s table and pants on fire with the flaming shot.

  21. Haha. Yeah, nothing says friendship like a burning table.

  22. Haha, the first one is like a real dragon

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