About Bloody Time

After a night of hard drinking you will wake up either drunk or hung-over. Being drunk is not the problem, it’s the coming down from being drunk and being hung-over that is the problem. The solution; a Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary

There are 3 types of morning drinkers. There is the person who drinks a Bloody Mary, a person who drinks a screwdriver, and the person who drinks what they would normally drink at night. There is nothing wrong with any of these choices. I have in my few years drinking been all three of them at different points. And as of right now, I am in Bloody Mary mode.

There are a hundred different ways to make a Bloody Mary. You can garnish them with just about anything you can think of. One bar I go to puts beef jerky into them. Another bar I go to just puts pickles and olives in them. It all depends on where you go. But making your own is the best.

Here is a recipe from drinksmix.com

Here’s the classic Bloody Mary recipe. Enjoy!

1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) vodka
1/2 cup tomato juice
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
Worcestershire sauce to taste
Tabasco to taste
1 celery stick for garnish
1 lemon wedge for garnish

Combine the vodka, the tomato juice, the lemon juice, the Worcestershire sauce, the Tabasco, 1 cup ice cubes, and salt and pepper to taste, shake the mixture well, and strain it into a tall glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish the Bloody Mary with the celery stick and the lemon wedge.

Serves 1.

So fellow drinkers, go out and have a few for me while I’m at work.

 What kind of morning drinker are you? How do you like your bloody?



4 Responses to “About Bloody Time”

  1. are you really this bored at work?

    and i dont like bloody marys…

  2. i like Bloodies, but they’re more of an evening drink for me. call me girlie…but if i drink in the morning, i’m a mimosa drinker.

  3. Jeffrey C Says:

    I love a bloody in the morning, also a screwdriver will hit the spot in the morning (as long as I did not drink them the night before). I have been known though to drink a beer the second I wake up though.
    I do not think I have ever made a bloody the same way twice; I like them spicy and I always use celery salt.

  4. Amanda – I’m never bored at work.

    Nicolle – I do enjoy a bloody anytime. I’ve never had a mimosa and I had to google it to see what’s in it. I think it might be too bubbly for me with the champane in it.

    Jeff – I can’t drink screwdrivers. But I am all for morning beers and SPICY Bloody Marys.

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