DWI of the Year

Here at Don’t Eat the Worm we don’t condone drinking and driving. It is a dumb and reckless move that can cost not only you your life but an innocent person. (Not saying you’re guilty.)


Meagan Harper is now a god in DWI/DUI circles. She was busted in Oregon with a .55 BAC. The legal limit in Oregon is .08.

The SmokingGun.com has her mug shot and more details on the story.

So congratulations Meagan you’re DETW’s first DWI of the year winner!


4 Responses to “DWI of the Year”

  1. very nice…shes a classy lady.

  2. Whoa, .55, that’s fucking insane. I don’t think I’ve ever been that drunk. In fact, I believe I heard somewhere that death could occur at anything over .40

    I can’t say I’ve never had my inebriated moments behind the wheel, although I’ve given that up completely after seeing some of the damage that it can cause. It’s just not smart. Nor is it safe, by any means.

    The hardest part, I think, is trying to convince other people that it’s unacceptable. I mean, you can take keys, but I’ve seen drunk people manage to sneak off. Fuckin drunk people love driving. It’s difficult to know where your responsibility for others’ actions ends, ya know?

  3. ooh…a new blog..how fun King Steve!!

    Wow, it’s only January 1st and Meagan already got an award? Bitch….LOL..


  4. Amanda – I know huh?

    MJ – Yeah, I don’t drive drunk it’s just not smart. I’d rather take a taxi or just pass out at someone’s house. Some drunk people think they can drive BETTER when they are drunk. It’s sad really.

    Romi – You know it! I suppose you can start practicing for next year if you really want the award.

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